51North is an independent digital creative agency based in the Netherlands with a lean and mean, streamlined creative team.

We are an informal and self-managing studio consisting of digital all-rounders and specialists that are always on the lookout for challenges in the creative field of digital production and (online) branding.

We conceive, design and produce digital applications and experiences for mobile, web and social networking platforms, combining exceptional looks with technical craftsmanship.

Interactions and synergies between the team members and our customers are key ingredients for 51North. Fuelled by a culture that encourages this. The love for our job motivates us and that’s what makes us good at it. Every day we need to create breakthrough results and we make the day fun.

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Our Vision

In contrast to a "production factory", we proceed from the passion and fun as driving forces behind the work we do. Dedicated team players that support and challenge each other within a creative playground, achieving better results during the creative process.

"Passion and fun are the main driving forces behind the work we do"

A fistful of brands & clients we worked for...

Soundscape Guzman WSPA Interpolis Amsterdam Schiphol Hi Mercedes Formani Bureau Jeugdzorg Limburg Eneco Monsterboard DE
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Okt-16 Adnight CSS design awards Special Kudos
Okt-16 Adnight AWWWARDS honorable mention
Apr-15 51North THE FWA mobile of the day
Mar-15 51North AWWWARDS honorable mention
Jun-14 Mercedes Benz Premium THE FWA mobile of the day
Jun-14 Mercedes Benz Premium OnePageLove "Most loved" award
Apr-14 Kingsday AWWWARDS honorable mention
Apr-14 Kingsday CSS design awards SOTD
Apr-14 Kingsday Design Licks SOTD
Mar-14 Hi #morecrapfromtheweb ADCN LAMP Gold & Silver
Nov-13 Soundscape THE FWA public shortlist
Nov-13 Soundscape CSS WINNER
Aug-13 Soundscape AWWWARDS honorable mention
May-13 DNB SAN accent
Jun-11 Akkers van Margraten Comm Arts webpick of the day