From 2015 Dutch municipalities are responsible for their own youth-care. This shift led Bureau Jeugdzorg Limburg to the decision to develop a new and strong corporate identity, preserving their core values but strengthen their competitive position.

Logo Re-design

First, we focussed on the logo.
We went for a fresh and clean look, without loosing the friendliness and recognition of the old logo. Bureau Jeugdzorg Limburg wanted to make a shift from print to digital, so a logo that could easily be used as an icon would be a big plus.

Website Features

The website features some small differences in design and style. There's a difference in tone of voice for adolescents, parents & professionals. The content focusses on the chosen target group.


A selection of pages from the website.

Stationary & Print

We rebranded everything. From stationery to signage to digital.

Online annual reports & infographics

We also developed the annual reports for Bureau Jeugdzorg Limburg. The goal was to significantly reduce costs whilst keeping the same target audience. Therefor we changed the annual report from traditional print to a new digital format. We developed interactive PDF's (containing text, images, interviews and info-graphics) and online video's. We only used printed teasers as triggers for people to visit the online annual report. That way Bureau Jeugdzorg Limburg could cut expenses on the production of 'glossy reports'.