SpeakUp Kids! is an educational app for children that offers the opportunity to learn languages or dialects and to refine language proficiency and pronunciation in a fun and interactive way.

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  • SpeakUp Kids!
  • SpeakUp Kids!
  • SpeakUp Kids!
  • SpeakUp Kids!

How it Works

SpeakUp Kids! comes with 50 English words and their corresponding images. The child gets to see an image and hears a native English speaking child say the corresponding word. The "pupil" then gets the chance to repeat the word. The voice recognition software then checks whether the child has repeated the word correctly.

SpeakUp Kids! also makes it possible to learn other languages and dialects. Parents can record the words themselves to go with the corresponding images. Every language and dialect is possible.

Steve the gorilla

We developed the character "Steve the gorilla" to guide the children trough the app. Steve will tell you when to start speaking and give feedback about the correct pronunciation.

Visual design & illustration

All the interface design and illustrations were done by 51North, including all characters and backgrounds. Because the target audience are children, we developed a visual style that is almost fully illustrated.

From scratch to sketch...

... to full illustration! All in-game illustrations were drawn from scratch, then digitized and colored.


A selection of screens from the app.