Guido, wat ben je mooi

Esther, wat ben je mooi

Zusje, wat ben je mooi

Every person is beautiful and deserves to know this. That's why together with DDB & Tribal Amsterdam we created a special website where Menzis gave people the chance to personalize the 'Mens, wat ben je mooi'-video for a friend, mom, dad, neighbor or other beloved one.

The Challenge

The 'Mens, wat ben je mooi' video had already been shot, created and used in an advertising campaign for Menzis. We had to come up with a smart and cost-efficient way to use the existing material and create thousands of personalized videos with different names.

We created a editing file which contained the movie and the original voiceover with the ‘Mens’ part cut out. Then we inserted an audio file where the ‘Mens’ part used to be, replacing it with a name recorded by the same voiceover as the original text. To automate this process for all the custom voiceovers we created a smart AppleScript task, which finally resulted in thousands of personalized ‘Mens, wat ben je mooi’ videos.

Serving all that video content can take up a lot of bandwidth. We didn’t want all that video traffic to interfere with the stability and performance of the website, so we uploaded all the videos to a seperate object cloud powered by a Content Delivery Network. This enabled us to serve big amounts of video bandwidth, while keeping the website performance stable.


A selection of pages from the website.

Icon animations

The design team wanted the icons to feel organic. So we had to come up with an animation technique that didn’t look like the animation itself had a beginning or ending. We created four different states for each button border. Then we ‘morphed’ one state into the next by using SVG animation techniques, creating a beautiful illusion of a button that seems to be moving on its own. We used the same SVG animation techniques to draw and hide the icons inside the buttons.