Creating online presence for 3D animation studio Colorbleed

Colorbleed are masters in crafting engaging characters and directing memorable stories that evoke emotion. This global 3D animation studio brings narratives to life – on steroids
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Motion is everything

Let’s face it: Colorbleed = motion. Therefore we wanted this website to have a continuous motion feel. The content tells the story but the liquidy transitions add to it. Our developers used their canvas draw- and animation skills to combine elastic ease effects with path smoothing, giving it a smooth natural liquid feel.
51 N cb mobiles


Lazy Loading

The website has a lot of video content, which has an impact on performance. Our goal was to show as many video's as possible on a page without it impacting performance too much.

We came up with a 'social feed'-like approach to lazy load the Vimeo embeds. The website detects when a video nears the user's viewport and only then starts to load the next video and starts playing it. As soon as a video gets scrolled out of the viewport, we pause it. Kind-off reminiscent of the Instagram Feed!