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GetAway Island

Mcdonald’s holiday season campaign

Escape the December madness with an immersive McDonald's app experience. Getaway Island — a virtual world filled with games, music, giveaways and delicious deals. Because let's face it: December could use a bit of McDonald’s.



GetAway Island

We collaborated with TBWA\X and Colorbleed to design a captivating island that offers a break from the chaos of Christmas. The island consists of various areas for visitors to explore, each with its own unique attractions. These areas include dedicated spaces for minigames, music, and giveaways, as well as an exclusive area reserved specifically for McDonald's crew members.

World game
World crew
World shop
World music

GetAway Island is designed to provide an exciting destination that remains enjoyable throughout the entire holiday season, encouraging frequent visits from App users. To achieve this, we continuously introduce new minigames on a weekly basis, host regular giveaways every few days, and offer a rewarding system where users can collect badges to unlock exclusive content.

Technical Approach

Due to the extensive utilization of various activation methods, the campaign was a fusion of diverse frontend and backend technologies. We employed Nuxt as our foundational frontend framework, harnessed Three.js for WebGL integration, leveraged Phaser.js for game development, and relied on Firebase (including Hosting, Firestore, and Functions) to power our serverless backend.

The adoption of Firebase allowed us to prioritize frontend-oriented challenges, as it relieved us from tackling intricate concerns such as load management and backend performance. Firebase seamlessly handled scalability, making our efforts more efficient.


Merging 2D and 3D worlds

Mack was entirely made in a Three.js environment, seperate from the different worlds and their content. The four different worlds where powered by a cubemap and some world-unique 3d models. Using masking techniques and different shaders are what really made the worlds come to live.