Launching MG's European automotive platform

MG Motor
When MG Motor returned to the European automotive market they asked us to create a seamless platform for potential buyers and a smart digital solution to connect with distributors and dealers in 13 different countries.
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Setting up MG’s digital presence

We designed and developed their digital European lead platform and introduced a website that connects MG motors on and offline world with each other.

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01. Our approach

Technical Landscape

Using the underlying module system of CraftCMS, we were able to expand the system with different - isolated - business layers for different countries.This way we enabled MG to expand their European platform quickly, without investing in too much separate technology for each country, resulting in short release dates.
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Tailormade, country-specific, configurators

We developed a custom configurator that allows customers to get a quote for their desired product. This configurator was specifically designed to support varying requests from different dealerships and countries. The configurator is highly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including customisation of features, color options, and and even the ability to select different government subsidies depending the current website country.

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