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An exhilarating celebration of Porsche's enduring legacy.

Porsche Netherlands

Tour of Legends inspires and activates Porsche owners in the Netherlands to use their cars for their intended purpose: to get out and drive in the most beautiful environments. This recurring campaign, aimed at retaining Dutch Porsche drivers, has included unique routes throughout the Netherlands and, since 2023, to neighbouring countries.

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Marking the 75th anniversary of Porsche Netherlands

In 2024, marking the 75th anniversary of Porsche Netherlands, the final edition of the Porsche Tour of Legends will take place. This year, the driving activation focuses on routes from Amersfoort to four iconic Porsche locations: Le Mans, Stuttgart, Leipzig, and Gmünd. The route books provide details on all Porsche models ever sold in the Netherlands.

Initially, the campaign is targeted at a small Porsche-owning audience. They get an opportunity to order a physical booklet with the different routes. After a couple of weeks, a broader audience of Porsche owners is invited to download the booklet in a digital format, meaning we had to build two different order mechanisms and ensure smooth transitions between them as needed.

This year, they also invited Porsche 'fans' to the download flow of the campaign, meaning the campaign content had to serve a bigger audience than previous editions.

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Tailored backoffice for campaign lead management

We made a custom backoffice where Porsche’s marketers could check if the submission was made by an actual Porsche owner. For this, we used Laravel, a PHP framework with excellent scaffolding options ideal for a small custom backoffice solution, providing reliable authentication and API security.

Additionally, to enhance the exclusivity of the downloadable edition, we implemented a token mechanism that allowed each unique user to download the booklet only three times.

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