An immersive and captivating oral history experience

Stichting MCAM
Akkers van Margraten tells the tale about the construction of the American war cemetery in Margraten. Not from a military point of view, but from time-witnesses who share their experiences.

01. Timeline

Continious user experience

We designed an interactive timeline so users can scroll through the experience. The timeline is built up by actual footage from the time-period as of quotes and videos from eyewitnesses. Because the events took place a long time ago, almost all eyewitnesses are now deceased. Their oral history will cary on by preserving their stories in this multimedia project.
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02. Rebuilding

From Flash to HTML5

The major challenge for this project was rebuilding the former flash website to HTML5 standards. Back in 2009, we started the first project. For the tech-savvy people: Flash was still king and responsive design was in its infancy. Our aim was to keep the old 'time-line' feel and squeeze it in a fully responsive layout.

Into the archives!

The driving force behind this website were Mieke Kirkels and Frans Roebroeks of the Regional History Centre Limburg. For hours we researched documents, stories, the raw material of the documentary ‘Akkers van Margraten’ by Ruim Kader Films and WW2 American newsfeeds. Together we picked a couple of interesting stories to feature on this website. We gathered all the materials for this project, scanned and digitally enhanced old photographs, re-edited videos and subtitles.

03. Young during wartime

Relatable content

The website not only provides content from a historical perspective. It also aims to educate young people. Therefor a couple of specific stories were selected, especially to appeal to the youth of today. Stories of people who were kids or adolescent during the second world war. These stories give another perspective of this time period.