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Why have something delivered when you can pick it up in a Porsche Macan?
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Marché Macan

How far would you drive for the finest whiskey? Or the best macaroons? In a Porsche, we know one thing: there’s always a good excuse to hit the road. That’s why, together with Achtung!, we created Marche Macan. An online store where you can pick up the finest products from The Netherlands and Europe. Because why have something delivered? When you can pick it up in a Porsche Macan.
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Marché Macan is for the lovers of the good things in life. Porsche has selected various special products for their temporary webshop: from the best macarons and the most refined tea in the world, from an elegant pocket knife and a designer fountain pen to a luxurious perfume and a unique gin. Marché Macan is an easy to use webshop: by ordering on the site, the buyer has a chance to win a ride in the Porsche Macan to pick up their order. For those who win the ride, the Macan will be waiting at the nearest Porsche Center.

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