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Getaway Island

McDonald’s Holiday Season Campaign

TBWA / X - McDonald's Nederland

In the heart of winter, McDonald's sought to enhance their app experience with engaging games, enticing deals, and exciting prizes. Tasked with designing and developing this winter campaign, we set out to transform this imaginative concept into a seamless user experience. Check out how we brought the McDonald's winter campaign to life, from initial ideas to a fully realized digital experience.

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Designing the Fun: Creating Three Unique Games for McDonald's Winter Campaign

For McDonald's winter campaign, we designed three engaging games: "Stapel je gek," "Winkelstraat waanzin," and "The Floor is Milkshake."

These games combined intuitive controls, vibrant graphics, and playful themes to enhance user engagement and app experience, offering users fun ways to win prizes.

UX vs. Reality: Crafting Seamless Game Experiences

During the UX phase, we turned concepts into interactive prototypes, discovering complexities when moving to full designs. Iterations simplified gameplay for intuitive use. This adaptability ensured our final product was both visually appealing and user-friendly, enhancing engagement in the McDonald's winter campaign.

Covered in clouds

In collaboration with Colorbleed, we added captivating 3D animations to strategic locations in the island's background. Additionally, we implemented a dynamic cloud layer, creating a parallax effect during map navigation.
The challenge was to keep island activities hidden during navigation, due to the cloud layer's faster movement. This required continuous adjustments to the size of the clouds.
The result was an immersive experience where every interaction contributed to the overall enjoyment of the McDonald's Getaway Island project. Clouded in mystery!

See the end result below!

Everyday a new day!

Building a campaign with unique daily activities is a dynamic and collaborative process that requires planning, creative & technical execution, and ongoing optimization. The goal was to create a compelling and engaging user experience that offered a unique experience everyday, in the end driving app usage and strengthening customer loyalty.

A succesfull campaign with amazing results

In the end, Getaway Island once again turned out to be a great succes. Campaign goals were easily met and the app got a record-breaking number of visitors during the cold December month. It even got awarded with a bronze lamp in the 2024 ADCN's Dutch Creativity Awards in the category Advertising - Experiential.