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Vredestein New Horizons

digital product launch

For the launch of the brand new Vredestein WINTRAC tyre, we created an online immersive event in a time where physical meetings were not an option.

Ronin Amsterdam
Apollo Vredestein


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The normal product presentations of Vredestein at Geneva International Motor Show and The Tire in Cologne were canceled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. How do you still launch a product in a time like this. Together with Ronin Amsterdam we developed an online 3D museum to explore the Vredestein tires in a WebGL environment as well as showcase the new tyre through a launch video. This way we translated the flow of a live event into an online experience.

01. Live Experience

Upon entering the virtual space, visitors are met with a short animation of rolling Vredestein tyres and text that describes company history and its new visual identity "refined by design".
A voiceover welcomes guests and guides them through the exhibition. It stops in the Vredestein Hall of Fame to view the latest products, including the Quatrac Pro for all-season weather and the Wintrac Pro, a tyre built for wintry conditions. Users can click on the tyre to rotate it and view it from all angles.

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Vredstein design museum
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02. Development

Technical Approach

To give the users the sense of a live experience, we built a live visitor counter using Firebase and Firebase Realtime Database. The counter was updated in realtime when a user connected or disconnected from the digital experience.

The main experience is powered by one big background video. We really touched some of the browser limits using this approach. For example, we had to cache the video in a local blob to make sure Chrome didn't run out of it's defined memory limit for an external video.