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Translating Lumière Cinema's distinctive experience to an intuitive online platform.

Lumière Cinema

Lumière is an arthouse cinema located in a unique part of Maastricht. Situated in the historic 1910 power station and boiler houses of the Sphinx factory, it has been transformed into a cinema, restaurant, and bar. This setting provides a distinctive and immersive atmosphere, blending culture and industrialism. We have translated this vibrant identity into a captivating digital presence.

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Strong performant digital presence promoting ticket sales

It was important to make sure the flow to buy tickets was as smooth as possible. We've integrated the Ticketlab API into the CMS by building a custom module that would translate the ticket data to the needs of the intuitive design & frontend.

As realtime requests would put a strain on the database and server, we've implemented several caching layers over time to make sure the website performs smoothly and has a fast response time.

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Unique content management experience for specials

Since Lumiere is not only selling, improving the content management experience of the website was one of the biggest challenges.

Lumiere is know for their specials, which can be a Special Event, Series or Festival. They wanted to cater content for the specials in a unique way, by at the same time using the flat show content from TicketLab.

Using our custom module and CraftCMS's flexible section and field management, we could combine Ticketlab and CMS data in a way which was easy for content management understand. Making unique special page easy to setup.

Europe's best film house 2024

Lumière Cinema has been named Europe's best film house 2024. This was announced by The International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA). Lumière's artistic director David Deprez says: "We are very grateful to receive recognition in this form. Together, we created a concept in 2016 that has become known across borders."

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